The Essential Wellness Bergamot Essential Oil, FCF (10 ml)

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Fresh and citrusy, Bergamot Essential Oil (Citrus bergamia) is one of the world’s most beloved essential oils. Our exceptional Therapeutic Quality selection is from sunny Italy.

The “FCF” stands for “furocoumarin free” and indicates that the phototoxic components, known as furocoumarins, have been removed. This is the only common instance in which an “altered” essential oil is used in aromatherapy. While it is possible to purchase “whole” Bergamot oil which does contain furocoumarins, FCF Bergamot is a far safer alternative because it does not pose the high risk for causing severe sunburn and other manifestations of phototoxicity that  is posed by “whole” Bergamot essential oil.

Our Bergamot FCF essential oil has a beautiful fresh, light, fruity aroma with wonderful citrus notes and  blends well with many floral, herbal and citrus essential oils and with Juniper essential oil.  Bergamot FCF essential oil used in aromatherapy is produced by cold expression of the fruit’s rind after it has been allowed to ripen and dry.

Aromatherapists have described Bergamot essential oil as having refreshing, relaxing and uplifting effects.

Bergamot FCF essential oil can be used alone or in blends for topical use or inhalation. Our recommended maximum concentration for topical use is 2.5% (dilute in an appropriate vegetable oil to achieve that concentration or lower).


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The Bergamot Orange tree is possibly named after the Italian city of Bergamot where it was cultivated, after being allegedly introduced to Spain and Italy from the Canary Islands by Christopher Columbus.  It’s native range is tropical Asia. The evergreen Bergamot Orange tree (Citrus aurantium subsps.bergamia) is a small tree that reaches about 15 feet in height and produces a small, wrinkled green fruit that ripens to yellow. It is a hybrid of the Seville orange and Citrus limetta, the so-called “pear lemon”.

Historical Uses

Essential oil of Bergamot has been an important remedy in Italian folk medicine, where it has been used as an antiseptic, to reduce fevers, and for respiratory complaints. The oil is also famous for its use in the perfume industry. Bergamot essential oil is the distinctive ingredient in Earl Grey tea.

Safety Considerations

Follow general safety guidelines for all essential oils as noted in the box below. Bergamot FCF essential oil has a relatively short shelf-life ( 6 months with refrigeration and 3 months with standard careful storage away from heat and light). Old or spoiled Bergamot FCF essential oil should be discarded.

BOTANICAL NAME | Citrus aurantium
ORIGIN | Italy
CULTIVATION | Conventional
SOURCE | Fruit
NOTE | Top, Middle
BLENDS WELL WITH | Eucalyptus and Geranium

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