VIDEO: How to operate light and mist button

What are the different timer settings for the diffuser?

There are 4 timer settings: 60 min, 180 min, 360 min and ON. When filled to the 300ml water line, the ON setting can run continuously between 6-8 hours. There are many factors that can affect the length of the time it runs:  the type of water used, humidity level, elevation, the type of oil used, etc.

The Essential Wellness 300ml Operating Manual

What is the power voltage of the diffuser?

The input is 100-240V and Output is 24V. You can use the diffuser anywhere in the world. If you do use it overseas, you just need to get an adapter for the plug itself so it will conform to the wall plug shape of that particular country.

Is there a warranty?

Our diffusers comes with a 1-Year Warranty. To register for the 1-Year warranty, click here.  If you have previously registered a diffuser before, you don't need to register again.

How to register for the warranty

To register for the 1-Year warranty, click here.  If you have previously registered a diffuser before, you don't need to register again.

How to check if the cover is on properly

Check if the cover is on properly:

The first  thing you want to check is that the inner lid is not loose and it's been attached securely.

This plastic cap is what keeps the extra condensation inside the unit. When it's not attached properly, this is usually the cause of the leaking. 

Once the inner lid is attached securely, make sure the cover is on properly. To know  has been correctly put on, the dot/arrow on the lid should align with the dot/arrow at the base of the diffuser. 

How many drops of essential oil should I use in the diffuser?

We normally recommend 3-5 drops to begin with if you fill it up to 300ml. That's just a good starting point since everyone has a different sensitivity to smell. Some people find that sufficient. However, it also depends on the oil you use and the quality of it.  But you can go up to 8-10 drops.

How does the negative ionization work?

The diffuser uses an ultrasonic (sound waves) mechanism that produces high frequencies. This turns the water and essential oils into small particles producing a micro-mist that is circulated into the air. As of result of this action, negative ions are released that give you a sense of well-being, mood is uplifted, and stress is lessened. This ionization process does not produce ozone.

Does this diffuser use regular tap water or distilled?

We recommend tap water or purified water. Distilled water usually doesn’t have any minerals and not having minerals affect the amount of Mist the diffuser can produce.

Does the diffuser emit ozone?

No, our diffuser does not produce or emit ozone. 

Direction of the spout

The diffuser is a cylinder shape so you can turn it on any side you want and point the mist spout wherever direction you choose. The power cord can also move around as needed. There is a slot to keep it in place, if you wish, but you can have the plug going towards whatever direction you choose. 

Are your diffusers BPA free?

Yes, our diffusers are BPA Free.

Are citrus oils okay to use?

You can definitely use citrus oils with our diffusers. Our diffusers are made with a High-Grade Plastic Material and has a strong corrosion resistance.

I am having a hard time opening and closing the lid

If you are having trouble with the diffuser cover, here's a video that will help you.

VIDEO: Tips on getting the lid on and off