What are the Best Diffusers for Essential Oils?

What are the Best Diffusers for Essential Oils?

One of the most effective ways to use essential oils is by diffusing them into the air, because you can enjoy the aromatic benefits of the oil as you move through your day. But, how do you choose the best diffusers for essential oils? When you are researching the diffusers that are available, it is important to understand that there are distinct differences between some of the most popular diffusers on the market.

Features to Consider When Purchasing an Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

The first feature to consider is whether or not you are looking at electric essential oil diffusers or non-electric diffusers. There is definitely a difference in quality between an advanced aromatherapy essential oil diffuser and the cheaper versions, so don’t make your decision on price alone.

With a basic diffuser, such as a clay necklace diffuser, you can put a drop or two of oil on the diffuser and the scent will follow you around, since you will be using it around your neck. On the other hand, electric diffusers dispense the aroma into the air, so that the compounds can be shared with everyone in the room.

Look for an ultrasonic essential oil diffuser, because this type of diffuser contains some of the top-of-the-line technology available today. The ultrasonic is the best essential oil diffuser because it uses water to make a fine mist, and that mist is released into the air with microscopic particles of essential oil. An ultrasonic diffuser needs to be filled with water, and then you add a few drops of essential oil into the water.

Another option is a nebulizing diffuser, which doesn’t need water like an ultrasonic version. A nebulizing diffuser can be very powerful, because it releases the oil directly into the air by breaking it into tiny molecules. Because the entire oil is broken up and released into the air, the nebulizing feature is one of the best diffusers for essential oils so that you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the essential oil.

Benefits of Using a Diffuser

Many common essential oils have medicinal properties that have been applied in folk medicine since ancient times and are still widely used today. Source

By carefully selecting the types of essential oils that you are using in the diffuser, you can set the mood for the entire room. For example, if you need a mood-lifter, then consider a citrus essential oil such as grapefruit or orange. On the other hand, if you want to relax and wind-down, then you might try a soothing oil such as lavender or ylang ylang.

Essential oils in a diffuser can also be beneficial to freshen the room and get rid of stinky smells in your home. By releasing the oils into the air, they can help to eliminate potential pathogens such as bacteria and mold.

Why You Should Avoid Heat Diffusers

Some of the cheaper diffusers use heat to disperse the oil. For example, a small tea light might be used to heat up the oil which in turn helps to fragrance the room. This method is beneficial for non-therapeutic fragrance oils, but the heat can actually damage the therapeutic compounds within a high quality essential oil. Try to avoid using a heated diffuser, because the therapeutic benefits of the oil will be decreased.

There are various cold-air diffusers that can release the essential oils into the air without heat, so focus your research around the cooler options instead of the heated products.

Choosing the Best Essential Oil Diffusers

Before you make your purchase, you should consider looking at online essential oil diffuser reviews, to understand more about the features that other shoppers like/dislike about their diffuser. Some of the factors to consider include:

  • The length of time that the diffuser runs, because it can be a hassle to find yourself constantly refilling and restarting your diffuser in order to keep it running. If you want to use the diffuser in your room during the night, then you will want one that can run for at least 8 hours. Some diffusers have settings that allow it to turn on and off in specific increments.
  • Some diffusers can be kind of noisy, which is a drawback if you want to sleep with it on or keep it in your child’s room. Read the essential oil diffuser reviews to see what other people have said about the noise levels.
  • How much oil is required in the diffuser? Some types of diffusers use water with a few drops of essential oil, while others use only essential oils. If no water is needed, then it is likely that you will go through the essentials oils more quickly. The diffusers that don’t need water are often more beneficial, but you will spend a little more to buy the essential oils to use in the diffuser.
  • Does the diffuser have a light? Sometimes it can be obnoxious to have a light on the diffuser, especially if you will be keeping it in your bedroom at night. On the other hand, it can be very beneficial for a child who wants a night light in their room. Check the features for the diffuser, because some of them come with an on/off switch for the light.
  • How heavy and sturdy is the diffuser? If you will be moving the diffuser from one room to the next, or you travel often and want to take it with you, then you should consider the durability and weight of the diffuser that you will be purchasing. A light-weight diffuser might be more portable in your bag, but some of them are more likely to break.

Consider these factors when you are purchasing your essential oils diffuser, in order to find the best diffuser for your individual needs. Some people prefer to purchase several diffusers to use in various rooms of their house, because they want different features depending on the location where the diffuser will be used.

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